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Scott Bridges and Stephen Owen

Scott Bridges really shouldn’t have enjoyed @Rudd2000 as much as he did, and will miss the opportunity to use the account as an outlet for his political feels. But on the upside, now that it’s gone he will have a lot more time to focus on actually important things like teaching and doing a PhD. Also, the absence of constant Twitter notifications will do wonders for his phone battery life.

Stephen Owen stares blankly at his various screens wondering what to do with all his extra time now that @Rudd2000 has been retired. Perhaps he will begin looking for a real job, having recently earned a PhD in Political Science. One thing’s for sure, though: he will henceforth need to google politicians’ names in order to spell them correctly.

Scott and Stephen would like to acknowledge the third author of @Rudd2000 who, despite contributing only a few dozen tweets over the nine months, was responsible for introducing the character “Mark Latam”. This person would like to remain anonymous, although we can reveal that they are taller than both Stephen and Scott.