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if:book Australia explores new forms of digital literature and investigates the changing connections between writers and readers. Such explorations at the intersection of technology and publishing take the form of writing, teaching and experimenting.

Since its inception in 2010, if:book Australia has published tens of thousands of words from some of the nation’s best writers and thinkers on book futures, delivered workshops from Perth to Canberra to Alice Springs, created real world story adventures, and taken a complete book from concept to print in twenty-four hours.

Based at the Queensland Writers Centre, if:book Australia is linked to an international fellowship of organisations exploring book futures, including the Institute for the Future of the Book in New York, if:book UK and if:lire in Paris.

if:book Australia is led by writer, editor and reader of both pixels and ink, Simon Groth. Its website is at futureofthebook.org.au and tweets are at @ifbookAus.

This Writer's Books

The N00bz cover

The N00bz: New adventures in literature

In 2013, if:book Australia issued a challenge to a group of Australian writers to step outside their comfort zone and try a new professional experience – something they’d never done before – then tell us all about it. Carmel Bird digitised a title from her backlist. Simon Groth used a manual typewriter. Romy Ash wrote stories for Twitter. Benjamin Law braved the squiggly world of shorthand. Sophie Masson started her own press. Jeff Sparrow wrote something that’s definitely not a book. And Sean Williams deprived himself of sleep. Each contributor deliberately became a N00b then told us how the experience affected their craft. Read their stories in The N00bz.