rollingHi, @Rudd2000 fans. We have a challenge for you today.

Compose a tweet of which @Rudd2000 creators Scott Bridges and Stephen Owen would be proud using the hashtag #WhatWouldRudd2000Say.

Satirise any incident in Federal politics since @Rudd2000 shut up shop last August (think spill, onion, Goebbels, lifestyle choice, you know what I’m talking about).

If Scott and Stephen judge your tweet to be in the top ten on that hashtag today, they’ll sign a copy of Kevern write a book for you and we’ll send it to you for nix.

Visual inspiration is on its way. At 1pm, we’ll be premiering a video of Bridges and Owen confessing to missing @Rudd2000 and pondering tweets that could’ve been in recent months.

To see the video first, you’ll need to come down to the Gorman Arts Centre in Braddon, Canberra, where it’ll be shown as part of Noted Festival’s Launch All the Words, a literary launch-off literary event that will see publishers and writers vying for your attention all over the Gorman campus, then selling their wares on site till 4pm.

Noted is part of You Are Here, the arts festival that encouraged dozens of us to roll down the hill at Parliament House yesterday, despite the concerns of half a dozen police officers. What would @Rudd2000 have said about that, I wonder?

If you can’t make it to Launch All the Words, keep an eye on @editia mid-afternoon for a link to Scott and Stephen’s video on YouTube.

Oh, and if you haven’t bought your copy of Kevern write a book yet, please click here to order. All profits go to UNHCR and postage is FREE within Australia until the end of March. We offer bulk discounts too, contact us via Twitter to arrange.

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