Our ACT Book of the Year People’s Choice tilt: Vote one 18 days!

Charlotte Harper (front) and Scott Bridges (top left) learn of his ACT Writing and Publishing Awards win.

Charlotte Harper (front) and Scott Bridges (top left) learn of his ACT Writing and Publishing Awards win.

Hello, 2015! Here’s hoping you’ll bring as much excitement for Editia as 2014 did. Scott Bridges’ flurry of podium appearances at literary awards (and my resulting flurry of awards-sticker runs to bookshops) here in Canberra late last year were among the highlights. Now you can help us add to his accolades.

At Civic Library on November 19, 2014, ACT Arts Minister Joy Burch announced that Scott’s first title, 18 days: Al Jazeera English and the Egyptian Revolution, was one of five books shortlisted for ACT Book of the Year, and the only one of the five to be produced by a Canberra publisher. The judges’ pick will be announced later this month (February 2015), but you can vote for the book in the People’s Choice Award on the artsACT Book of the Year page here until February 20. We’d be ever so grateful if you took a moment to support our bid for this one. 

Around the same time, Scott and I each received an invitation to attend the ACT Writing and Publishing Awards at the Gorman House Arts Centre on December 16. It transpired that 18 days was shortlisted for the Non-Fiction gong at these prestigious awards (run by our neighbours at the ACT Writers Centre). As you can see from the main image featuring the shortlisted authors on stage and me celebrating in the foreground, we won. Check out the judges’ comments:

“Scott Bridges’ book could hardly be more relevant at a time when Al Jazeera’s Australian correspondent in Egypt, Peter Greste, is once again being told his case is ‘under review’. The behind the scenes story of the news agency’s activities during the downfall of President Hosni Mubarek is brilliantly told. Scott Bridges’ narrative takes us into the heart of the political crisis and reveals the drama and the courage involved in bringing the story to air. The publisher, Editia, at Gorman House, has produced a totally professional and splendidly edited work. Scott Bridges is a fine reporter and an outstanding writer. Warmest congratulations on a very fine publication.”

Now you know why I was waving my arms about like that. Hearing kind words like those makes it all worthwhile. Woohoo!

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