Nauru Burning: An uprising and its aftermath

Mark Isaacs

After spending the past few months covering the Federal and ACT elections as a journalist, I’m thrilled to be focusing on Editia again this week as we prepare to launch our next title, a short book called Nauru Burning: An uprising and its aftermath, by Sydney author Mark Isaacs (left).

This is what World Vision CEO Tim Costello had to say about it:

“Mark Isaacs’s insight into the events that led up to the riot and fire at the Nauru refugee detention centre, and its aftermath, should concern every Australian. This book is graphic evidence of dark practices directly linked to Australia’s immigration and border protection policies. It is a shameful story that needed to be told.  Mark Isaacs has rightly taken a stand against a policy of secrecy and lack of scrutiny that may have hidden the truth forever.”

You can download our press release about the book here, and share details of the Melbourne launch at Readings Carlton on November 3 on Facebook here. There will be an event at Gleebooks in Sydney on November 9, too.

Mark is available for interview and for public appearances. Please contact me via charper at to arrange these or to inquire about extract rights and review copies.

I’m so proud to be publishing this title. It is an important book at a critical time for Australia. Our country’s policies on asylum seekers are appalling. I have no doubt we will look back on this period in history with a sense of shame.

I hope that by getting Nauru Burning out there, we can influence ordinary Australians to question the nation’s offshore detention policies and press for change, in turn influencing our political leaders to take a stand rather than allowing these atrocities to continue on their watch.

Nauru Burning books arrive

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