Kevern write a book

Kevern write a book

by Scott Bridges and Stephen Owen

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Buzzfeed described it as “the parody account that captured the imagination (imagenation?) of Australian politics fans” and said it “provided the clearest and most consistently funny commentary on Australian politics in recent times”.  It “set the political Twittersphere alight with sharp political satire delivered through savvy internet speak”, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

Now the best of Twitter account @Rudd2000 can be yours, and for just $9.99 (ebook) or $24.99 (print with free postage and handling). After covering production and distribution costs, all proceeds will be donated to the UNHCR under the name ‘Scot Morensen’. 

On 13 November, 2013, after two stints as Prime Minister and a recent election loss, Kevin Rudd announced his resignation from the Australian parliament.

The next morning, inspired by @Seinfeld2000 which asks, “What if Sinefeld still on TV today?” Twitter user @Rudd2000 borrowed a hashtag and invited followers to “#imagen Kevin Rudd never fired and still PM today?”

Using the mangled spelling and syntax appropriate to certain timely internet memes, @Rudd2000 painted caricatures of federal politicians and other members of the media/political class.

In addition to “Kevern”, @Rudd2000 chronicled the lives of figures such as “Ablo” who has a seemingly insatiable appetite, “Crag Thomsen” who is down on his luck but loves to party, “Scot Moronsen” who takes delight in others’ misery, “Toney Abert” who is a world expert in lying, and the ever-loveable “Emmo”.

Nine months and over 3,000 tweets later, @Rudd2000 called it quits after reaching the completely arbitrary target of 5,000 followers.

Among the many tweeted tributes, user @JR_Rayner said, “It’s weird but the demise of @Rudd2000 somehow makes the end of the Rudd/Gillard era seem more definite.” User @andrew_porter suggested that future Young Labor members will ask of current members, “where were you when @Rudd2000 was assassinated?” to which Labor MP Tim Watts replied, “just about to give Wyatt [Roy] a wedgie behind the bike sheds …”

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  • Scott Bridges and Stephen Owen

    Scott Bridges really shouldn’t have enjoyed @Rudd2000 as much as he did, and will miss the opportunity to use the account as an outlet for his political feels. But on the upside, now that it’s gone he will have a lot more time to focus on actually important things like teaching and doing a PhD. […]

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    @Rudd2000: Kevern look at polls there only one way to read them people want Kevern

    @Rudd2000: Kevern say giddaye every single person on Twitter except That Woman
    @Rudd2000: Toney Abert worn out he lie in three continent in two days so much lying even for world class proficient lying expert liar
    @Rudd2000: Toney Abot can’t log into computer he keep putting in wrong password on purpose just can’t help telling lies
    @Rudd2000: Bull Shortarn say few words in tribute to Neilson Mandala poor Neilson get bored to second death
    @Rudd2000: Not telling Bull Shraten how to do he job but Toney Abert tell lot more than one lie per day it like heaps more
    @Rudd2000: Scot Moreson finally kill he tamagotchi it been fifteen years he try to starve that thing of everything it need
    @Rudd2000: Joel Hockey really angry and upset everybody think he elite and not understand common people he explain this to manservant over breakfast
    @Rudd2000: Corey Bananardi call for inquiry into exact nature of relationship between Simpson and Simpson’s Donkey
    @Rudd2000: Dog fucking guy (allegedly) Chras Kenny really miss Twitter he go out on street throw rocks at strangers it almost the same
    @Rudd2000: Chris Kenny wear same dog to Midwinter Ball as Corey Barnardi very awkward
    @Rudd2000: Warran Trass fully support colleagues fully support Israel he never really heard of this Israel maybe they interested in buy Aussie pork
    @Rudd2000: Peta Duten hang around photocopier but he just like smell of toner
    @Rudd2000: Keven Andrew see World Vision sponsor starving African kid ad he call 1800 number tell them tell kid get a job
    @Rudd2000: Scot Ludlem wash Scot Ludlem’s hair very expensive organic free range single origin shampoo well done Scot Ludlem’s hair say Scot Ludlem
    @Rudd2000: Toney Jones catch taxi to ABC studio for #quanda taxi driver ask “where you off to mate” Toney Jons say “off to gatekeep democracy buddy”
    @Rudd2000: Crag Thampsen add Jackey Lambey on Snapchat
    @Rudd2000: Ablo get in mood for state of origin he drink 48 throwdowns XXXX even though it taste like piss ready fight any queenslander now
    @Rudd2000: Both Labour and Lieberal parties terrified ebola come to Australia in case it beat them in Newspoll