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On 13 November, 2013, after two stints as Prime Minister and a recent election loss, Kevin Rudd announced his resignation from the Australian parliament. The next morning, inspired by @Seinfeld2000 which asks, “What if Sinefeld still on TV today?” Twitter user @Rudd2000 borrowed a hashtag and invited followers to “#imagen Kevin Rudd never fired and still PM today?” Using the mangled spelling and syntax appropriate to certain timely internet memes, @Rudd2000 painted caricatures of federal politicians and other members of the media/political class. In addition to “Kevern”, @Rudd2000 chronicled the lives of figures such “Ablo” who has a seemingly insatiable appetite, “Crag Thomsen” who is down on his luck but loves to party, “Scot Moronsen” who takes delight in others’ misery, “Toney Abert” who is a world expert in lying, and the ever-loveable “Emmo”.

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Happy 135th birthday, Miles Franklin

Posted on October 14th, 2014

If only Stella was still with us to tell us what she thinks of a tech multinational marking her birthday with a “Google doodle”. It’s a lovely tribute to a writer I admire for her pioneering feminisism and national pride, her adventurous spirit and her ability to write dozens of books while pursuing a career [...]

Up early for ebook expert tips (and Apple news)

Posted on September 11th, 2014

I was up at 3am yesterday to catch up bus to Sydney for Ebooks 201 for Editors: Intermediate, a super-useful new training course run by the NSW Society of Editors and presented by Editia’s favourite freelance editorial consultant and ebook expert, Sarah Fletcher. The fact that I was able to follow the launch of the [...]

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