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On 13 November, 2013, after two stints as Prime Minister and a recent election loss, Kevin Rudd announced his resignation from the Australian parliament. The next morning, inspired by @Seinfeld2000 which asks, “What if Sinefeld still on TV today?” Twitter user @Rudd2000 borrowed a hashtag and invited followers to “#imagen Kevin Rudd never fired and still PM today?” Using the mangled spelling and syntax appropriate to certain timely internet memes, @Rudd2000 painted caricatures of federal politicians and other members of the media/political class. In addition to “Kevern”, @Rudd2000 chronicled the lives of figures such “Ablo” who has a seemingly insatiable appetite, “Crag Thomsen” who is down on his luck but loves to party, “Scot Moronsen” who takes delight in others’ misery, “Toney Abert” who is a world expert in lying, and the ever-loveable “Emmo”.

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Up early for ebook expert tips (and Apple news)

Posted on September 11th, 2014

I was up at 3am yesterday to catch up bus to Sydney for Ebooks 201 for Editors: Intermediate, a super-useful new training course run by the NSW Society of Editors and presented by Editia’s favourite freelance editorial consultant and ebook expert, Sarah Fletcher. The fact that I was able to follow the launch of the [...]

Ben Law joins panel for Sydney launch of The N00bz

Posted on July 31st, 2014

Journalist, columnist and screenwriter Benjamin Law, former bookseller and emerging author Greg Field and speculative fiction writer, publisher and podcaster Keith Stevenson will appear in conversation with if:book Australia’s Simon Groth at the official launch of Editia’s latest print title, The N00bz: New adventures in literature, on Tuesday, August 12, at Better Read than Dead Bookstore [...]

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